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“SLC Punk!” Sequel Titled “Punk’s Dead” Due Out 2014!

e0a14cc4da74c416e6e0975d0dd32a94Holy Shit! They’re making a sequel to SLC Punk!!

SO YEAH, James Merendino is making a sequel called Punk’s Dead which will reportedly cover the lives of the characters 18 years after the first film. If you’ve seen the movie you know this idea sounds insane, right?  They havn’t announced what actors have signed onto the film, but Matthew Lillard tweeted the he was reading the script last November.

For those that havn’t seen it SLC Punk! is a cult film written and directed by James Merendino and released in 1998.  It follows the lives of two punks (Stevo and Heroin Bob) living in Salt Lake City in the fall of 1985.  The movie is a comedy/drama that addresses the paradoxes, contradictions and issues entailed in the punk lifestyle, and in growing up in general. It stars Matthew Lillard, Christopher McDonald, Devon Sawa, Jason Segal and Annabeth Gish. Awesome movie.  If you’ve never seen it go download / buy it right now!

I’m not gonna give any spoilers to those that are uninformed, but with the way they ended the first movie I just am at a loss to see where they can take it. I’m definitely interested though.  You can bet this guy will be going to see it when it hits the big screen.

There’s a facebook page for it if you wanna stay updated.

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