Funky Frankenstein
A creative outlet and record cutting service based in the heart of Tennessee.
Record Label


Funky Frankenstein Records was established as a means to support artists and friends in their creative endeavors. Our hope is to provide a unique outlet for artists in a music culture that is dominated by massive, monolithic corporations only interested in material that is commercially viable to the modern masses. We believe wholeheartedly that beauty can be found in any art as long as it is created with meaning by loving hands. We stick to no specific genre. We reserve the right to tell anyone we want to go bite a brick. We specialize in short run lathe cut records but are open to releasing anything that will hold music on it. We will review all physical demos sent to us, and we’ll try to check out digital links too (but no guarantee!). ┬áIf you have any ideas, inspirations, or even just a spark of creative insight talk to us. We can create something incredible, together! If you’ve got the talent, we’ve got Pro Tools.


FF-02 Uncle Skunkle Self-Titled EP 2009 CD-R / Tape
FF-RF Various FF 2012 Compilation 12-Sep-12 CD-R
FF-03 Pig Party Do It All Together 6-Dec-12 CD-R / Tape
FF-04 Uncle Skunkle Butcher 7″ 2012 Flexi
FF-05 Pissbath Demo 26-Oct-12 Digital
FF-06 Rajhi Gahler Vol. 1 EP 2-May-13 CD
FF-07 Trains & Graves You Are My Sunshine 23-May-13 Digital
FF-08 Uncle Skunkle Gypsy Farm Sessions 7″ 6-Nov-13 Vinyl
FF-09 Pissbath Can’t Stop Noize 21-Aug-13 Digital / Vinyl
FF-10 Boyfriend Heirloom 6-Dec-13 CD
FF-11 Rajhi Gahler Vol. 2 EP 13-Dec-13 CD
FF-12 Parasite Diet 2.0 5-Jan-14 Vinyl
FF-13 Barbariettes Ace of Babes EP 9-Oct-13 Vinyl
FF-14 Mouth Reader Inside You 7-Mar-14 Vinyl
FF-15 These Heathens Demos 7-Mar-14 Vinyl
FF-16 Mouth Reader Slave 7″ 7-Mar-14 Vinyl
FF-17 Mouth Reader RSD Shaped Records 19-Apr-14 Vinyl
FF-18 Mouth Reader I 17-Jan-14 CD
FF-19 Mouth Reader Six Feet Above Sessions 20-May-14 Vinyl
FF-20 Chainshot Self-Titled 20-Jun-14 Vinyl
FF-21 Vacant Future Self-Titled 19-Aug-14 Vinyl
FF-22 Megajoos Stacks 8-Aug-14 Vinyl
FF-23 FF Records COMP KILLER!!! 27-Sep-14 Tape
FF-666 Pissbath Discography 27-Sep-14 Tape
FF-24 Churchyard Doll Face b/w Hug You 5-Dec-14 Vinyl
FF-25 Barbariettes Kiss ‘Em All 18-April-15 Vinyl
FF-26 Chainshot II 18-April-15 Vinyl
FF-27 Mouth Reader Hands 18-April-15 Vinyl/Pop-Up Book