Funky Frankenstein
A creative outlet and record cutting service based in the heart of Tennessee.
Custom Lathe Cut Records

All lathe cut records are hand carved and packaged in plastic sleeves.
All records are clear, I cannot offer any color options.
All cuts are mono.
All records come with an FF Records info card.
No Minimums.
Approximate time limits are as follows:
5″ ~ 3 mins per side
7″ ~ 5 mins per side
10″ ~ 9 mins per side
12″ ~ 12 mins per side
Longer times are possible, but it will reduce the label size to below 3″
Turnaround is approximately 8 weeks from payment received.

No racist or homophobic material.


Current Special:
20 double-sided 7″ lathe cut records for $100
This special does not include labels, which are optional.

Blank White: $.50
Full Color: $1

Single-Sided 5″ lathe cut records:
1-9: $5
10-19: $4.50
20-34: $4
35-49: $3.50
50+: $3

Double-Sided 5″ lathe cut records:
1-9: $6.50
10-19: $6
20-34: $5.50
35-49: $5
50+: $4.50

Single-sided 7″ lathe cut records:
1-9: $5.50
10-19: $5.00
20-34: $4.50
35-49: $4
50+: $3.50

Double-sided 7″ lathe cut records:
1-9: $8
10-19: $7.25
20-34: $6.50
35-49: $5.75
50+: $5

10″ lathe cut records:
10+: $10

12″ lathe cut records
10+: $12

To place an order contact me at ethan [at]
If you have crazy ideas on shapes or packaging or other ridiculousness contact me and we can discuss custom pricing.
Thank you for considering FF Records for your lathe cutting needs.

What are lathe cut records?

In a nutshell:
Lathe Cutting is a process which utilizes a sharp cutting stylus to engrave or emboss sound grooves onto a disk.  Lathe cut records are an alternative to the modern practice of pressing records with metal plates.  In lathe cutting a voice coil is used to drive a needle which cuts the sound waves into the revolving disk beneath it.  This method has long been used for producing lacquer masters, which are then used to make metal plates for pressing.  Most of the machines used for this purpose were manufactured pre-1960. My particular machine (Presto 75A) began production in 1938.  In recent years many people (like myself) have begun experimenting with utilizing these machines to produce limited edition, unique records out of unorthodox materials such as picnic plates and plastic disks.

For more in-depth information regarding lathe cutting I encourage you to check out the Lathe Trolls Forums. They possess an incredible wealth of information regarding mastering proper, experimental endeavors and everywhere in between.